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⇓ A critical analysis will give a description of Nike and an analysis of their organizational culture. ⇓

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    This type of solution is a feasible one: the company has enough financial resources to pour them into developing new technologies and into research and…… Google is one of the most known search engines available today. Started up in 1999, Google slowly began to gain a high ranking among search engines and ad revenue vehicles. Through an analysis of Porter's five forces, one can begin to understand how Google became one of the most used search engines used today. The first force to be analyzed is the threat of new entrants to the market. Currently, the threat of new entrants is low as people have already grown comfortable with the search engine choices presently available. Furthermore, Google has demonstrated that it has a strong foothold on the search engine market. In November 2009, Google "enjoyed a 65. 6% share of all U. S. searches… the United States Google's lead was even larger, exceeding a 90% share of search queries in numerous countries. "The second force that needs to be analyzed is the threat of substitutes.